QGrad 2005

Published: April 26, 2016


Friday, November 18, 2005 University of Southern California, ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives
Saturday, November 19, 2005 University of California, Los Angeles
Conference Poster
ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives
Welcome Breakfast
Panel Session 1
Liminal Spaces
Moderator Judith Halberstam, USC, Gender Studies
Elizabeth Heard, NYU, Performance Studies
Queering the Salon: Natalie Clifford Barney
Richard Dellamora, Trent University, English and Cultural Studies
The Séance as Queer Scape: The Psychic Archive of Radclyffe Hall
Clare Sears, UC Santa Cruz, Sociology
Gates and Hells: Spaces of Vice in Nineteenth-Century San Francisco
Queer Labor
Katrin Pahl, Johns Hopkins, German
Queer-Scaping Post-Soviet Global Labor
Jane Ward, UC Riverside, Sociology
Butch/Trans Masculinity and the Gender Labor of Femme Partners
Luís Villanueva, San Diego State, Latin American Studies
Michês as Fetish Commodities in Western Europe
Perverse Empiricisms in Late-Century Japan
Jonathan M. Hall, UC Irvine, CompLit and Film and Media Studies
Hashiguchi Ryosuke and the Attraction of Objects
Yukiko Hanawa, NYU, East Asian Studies
Deterritorialization and the Queer Cityscape
Claire Maree, Tsuda College, Tokyo, English
Suki nan ya: Onê-kotoba or the Language of Queens
Coffee Break
Jacqui Alexander, University of Toronto, Women and Gender Studies
Introduction Gayatri Gopinath, UC Davis, Women and Gender Studies
Panel Session 2
Politics of Family
Moderator Karen Halttunen, USC, History
Samuel Bañales, UC San Diego, Ethnic Studies
Same-Sex Marriage and the Discourse of Homonormativity
Jongwoo Jeremy Kim, NYU, History of Art
Family Value, Queer and Victorian:  Frederic Leighton’s “And the sea gave up the dead which were in it”
Emily Hobson, USC, American Studies and Ethnicity
“On This Other Side of 1968”: Situating Gay Liberation in Anti-Imperialist Politics
Queering Spanish Literary Bodies: Emerging Queer Literature in Spain and Latin America
Moderator Maria Elena Martinez, USC, History
Arturo Arias, University of Redlands, Latin American Studies
Queering The Latin American Literary Canon: Fernando Vallejo’s Reconfiguration of the Past from a Contemporary Perspective
Juan A. Herrero-Brasas, Cal State Northridge, Religious Studies
Antonio Roig: Literature, Ethics, and Activism
Jill Robbins, UC Irvine, Spanish and Portuguese
Family Ties:  Gay Marriage in Madrid
Sofia Ruiz-Alfaro, USC, Cinema and Television
Chavela Vargas and the Transnational Lesbian Identity
Local Cultures
Moderator Karen Tongson, USC, English and Gender Studies
Eve Shapiro, UC Santa Barbara, Sociology
Drag Performance, Sexuality, and the Transformation of Desires
Nicole Eschen, UCLA, Theater Critical Studies
Across Space and Time: Bricktops and the Performance of Los Angeles
Sara Wolf, UCLA, World Arts and Cultures, Culture and Performance
Queer Worldmaking, Glocal Habitats of Meaning, and Las Butchlalis de Panochtitlan’s Geographies of Butch Papí Desire
Coffee Break
Panel Session 3
Queer Spectatorship
Moderator Sarah Gualtieri, USC, History and American Studies and Ethnicity
Candace Moore, UCLA, Theater, Film and Television
Kristen Schilt, UCLA, Sociology
Do Gender Crossings Have Crossover Potential?: Female Masculinities on The L Word’s Season One
Jaclyn I. Pryor, UT Austin, Theater and Dance
“L” is for Legibility: Race, Revelation and “Ocular Proof” in Showtime’s The L Word

Nicholas A. De Villiers, University of Minnesota, Cultural Studies and CompLit
Looking Queer: Glancing, Cruising, Staring

Queering Ourselves: The Centrality of Queerness to Radical Women of Color Organizing
Moderator Osa Hidalgo de la Riva
Roiya Zara, UC Santa Cruz, History of Consciousness
Critically Understanding the (Hyper) Visibility of This Bridge Called My Back: Making the (Invisible) Women of Color Movements Visible
Sandra C. Alvarez, UC Santa Cruz, Politics
Women of Color Organizing: Creating Queer Spaces in between the Streets and the Sheets
Susy J. Zepeda, UC Santa Cruz, Sociology
Radical Women of Color Conceptual Lens: Interconnectedness of Identity Formations, Methodologies and Political Projects
Coffee Break
New Directions in Latina/o Studies
Luz Calvo, Cal State East Bay, Ethnic Studies
Licia Fiol-Matta, Lehman College, CUNY, Latin American Studies
Richard T. Rodriguez, Univ of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, English and Latina/o Studies
Sandra Soto, University of Arizona, Tucson, Women’s Studies
Moderator Deborah Vargas, UC Irvine, Chicano/Latino Studies
Respondent Maylei Blackwell, UCLA, Chicana/o Studies
Reception and Book Party for
Jacqui Alexander, Gayatri Gopinath, and David Roman
Royce Hall, University of California, Los Angeles
Panel Session 4
Queer Spectatorship
160 Royce

Jigna Desai, University of Minnesota, Women’s Studies

Alison Guenther-Pal, University of Minnesota, Germanic Studies
‘Oh, If Only I Had a Waistcoat and Pants and a Hat!’ or Queer Eye for the Straight Gal?

Maria San Filippo, UCLA, Critical Studies, Film
Having It Both Ways: Female Bisexuality, Bi-Textuality, and Contemporary Crossover Cinema
Bodies in Space
314 Royce Moderator: Sue-Ellen Case, UCLA, Theater
Gregory Bredbeck, UC Riverside, English
Secular Ritual and the Psychogeography of the Urinal in the Men’s Public Restroom; or, the Toilet Paper
Long T. Bui, UC San Diego, Ethnic Studies
The Queer Asian Body in Mutant Discourse
Kasey Eng, UCLA, Information Studies
Living the Queer Life in Video Games: Opportunities for Expression, Acceptance, and Community in Gamespace
Sex Publics: Claiming Space
156 Royce
Shaka McGlotten, UT Austin, Social Anthropology
A Brief and Improper History of Queerspaces and Sexpublics in Austin, Texas
Alejandro Hurtado,
The Impact of Social Movements on Welfare: The Role of Government Funding in Queer Latina/o Activism
Isabel Millan, San Francisco State, Ethnic Studies
Marchas Lésbicas, México City:  Visibility, Accountability, and Transnationalism
Passionate Attachments and Queer Intimacies in Early America
162 Royce Moderator: Joseph Dimuro, UCLA, English
Christopher Castiglia, Loyola University Chicago, English and Women’s Studies
Queering the White House: Lincoln and His Boyfriends
Christopher Looby, UCLA, English
Literary Homosexuality in Early America
David Van Leer, UC Davis, English
Writing from the Closet
10:55-11:55 Keynote
314 Royce
Michael Lucey, UC Berkeley, French and Comparative Literature
Foucault/Duras: Sexuality, the First Person, and Literature in France in the 1980s
Queer Visual Culture
314 Royce Introduction by Sue-Ellen Case, UCLA, Theater
Catherine Opie Presents Her Work
314 Royce
David Eng, Rutgers University, English
Lawrence v. Texas and the Racialization of Intimacy
Panel Session 5
Nineteenth-Century Heterotopias
314 Royce
Carina Pasquesi, Loyola University Chicago, English
Switchblade Sisters: The Antebellum Convent as Heterotopia
Timothy McGovern, UC Santa Barbara, Spanish and Portuguese
Queering Peninsular Fictions: Spain’s Armando Palacio Valdés and Lesbian Representation in Nineteenth-Century Spain
George Flaherty, UC Santa Barbara, History of Art and Architecture
Listening to a Lacuna: Saturnino Herrán, Manuel Toussaint, and the Beginnings of Queer Art Historiographic Practice in Mexico
The Fifties and Sixties
156 Royce Moderator: Sandra Harding, UCLA, Education
Angela Galik, University of Minnesota, American Studies
So Far Away From Home: One Magazine’s Queer Responses to Cold War Era Domestic Ideology
Robert Moeller, UC Irvine, History
‘Almost Rebels’: Activist Judges, Natural Law, Unnatural Acts, and the Movement to Abolish Paragraph 175 in 1960s West Germany
Phil Tiemeyer, UT Austin, American Studies
Flying Under the Radar: Queer Flight Attendants in the 1950s
Transnational Interrogations
160 Royce Moderator:
Eng-Beng Lim, SUNY Purchase, Drama Studies
Glocaqueering in New Asia
Wenqig Kang, UC Santa Cruz, History
The Language of Male Same-Sex Relations in Twentieth-Century China
Lene Myong Peterson, UC Berkeley, Ethnic Studies
Coming Out Asian, Coming Out Queer
Queer Visual Culture
314 Royce Introduction by Luz Calvo, Cal State East Bay, Ethnic Studies
Alma Lopez Presents Her Work
The LA Queer Studies Conference is the successor to last year’s QFac conference held at USC, and the QGrad conferences held for the last six years at UCLA. Although we have abandoned the conference for graduate students only, we have encouraged substantial graduate student participation, since one of the goals of the new format is to foster the exchange of ideas between graduate student and faculty scholars.
The conference is free and open to the public. There is no registration fee.
The conference has been organized jointly by the USC Center for Feminist Research and the UCLA Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies Program.

The Saturday events at UCLA are cosponsored by the following UCLA units: the Graduate Division, the Division of Humanities, the Division of Social Sciences, the Chicano Studies Research Center, the Center for the Study of Women, and the departments of Anthropology, Art History, Asian American Studies, English, French and Francophone Studies, Musicology, and Spanish and Portuguese. The conference organizers are grateful for this support.

For further information, please contact the UCLA LGBTS office at 310 206 0516 or lgbs@humnet.ucla.edu
The ONE Institute and Archive is located near the USC campus at 909 West Adams Blvd. For directions and maps click here.
Royce Hall is located on the UCLA campus.
For directions to and maps of UCLA click here.
Parking is available in UCLA Parking Structure 4 at a cost of $8 per day. From Sunset Boulevard, enter campus by turning south onto Westwood Plaza, then proceed straight ahead to Structure 4. There is an information booth as you enter where you can purchase a parking ticket. Please let them know you are attending the LA Queer Studies Conference in Royce Hall. Since Structure 4 can get quite busy, we recommend that you leave extra time for parking.