QGrad 2006

Published: April 26, 2016


Friday, October 20, 2006 Royce Hall
Saturday, October 21, 2006 University of California, Los Angeles
1:00-2:30 PANEL SESSION 1
1A Identity Issues
Royce Moderator:
Kevin Mumford, University of Iowa, History
In the Life of Joseph Beam: Re-Writing the Politics of Identity in the 1980s
Jesse Field, University of Minnesota, Asian Cultures, Media, and Languages
Calls for Queerness: The Queer Lyric Subject in Contemporary Chinese Poetry of Taiwan
Juliana M. Kubala, Georgia State University, Women’s Studies
Lost in Space: Identity Politics at the Intersections of Queer and Anti-Racist Activism in Atlanta
1B History / Literature / Theory
Royce Moderator:
Dustin Friedman, UCLA, English
“Parents of the Mind”: Masculinity, Aesthetics, and Sensibility in Mary Wollstonecraft’s Vindication of the Rights of Woman and Maria or the Wrongs of Woman
Zacharey Lamm, Loyola University Chicago, English
Alternative Lifestyles: Hawthorne’s Queer Romance
Sam See, UCLA, English
“Even Sodomy Can Be Sane and Wholesome”: D. H. Lawrence and Sexual-Poetic Purity
1C Violence and the State
Royce Moderator:
Emma Heaney, UC Irvine, Comparative Literature
Citizen Sex-Pervert, Citizen Rape Victim: Lynndie England and Jessica Lynch as Female Protagonists of the War on Terror Show
Ka Hin “Alvin” Wong, UC San Diego, Literature
Remapping the Politics of Queer Institutionality: Josephine Ho’s “Perversity” and the Question of Academic and State Legitimacy in Taiwan
Deborah Cohler, San Francisco State University, Women Studies
Solidarity, Sex, and the State: Drag King Dreams Deferred after 9/11
1D Recent Scholarship on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy
Organized by the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy at UCLA School of Law
Royce Moderator: M.V. Lee Badgett, UCLA, Williams Institute
Holning Lau, UCLA, Williams Institute
Pluralism: A Principle for Children’s Rights
Danielle MacCartney, UCLA, Williams Institute
Occupational Effects on the Wages of Cohabiting Gay Men and Lesbians
Rebecca Stotzer, UCLA, Williams Institute
Spaces between Places: Hate Crimes Based on Sexual Orientation
2:45-3:45 KEYNOTE 314 Royce
Janet Jakobsen
Perverse Justice
Introduction: Jennifer Terry, UC Irvine, Women’s Studies
3:45-5:00 RECEPTION 306 Royce
5:30-7:00 PERFORMANCE Macgowan Little Theater
Michelle Matlock
The Mammy Project
Introduction: David Román, University of Southern California, English
9:30-11:00 PANEL SESSION 2
2A Art and Mourning
Royce Moderator:
Jian Chen, UC Irvine, Comparative Literature
Hyperbolic Somatic Imaginaries: Queer Intimacies in Para-/Trans-national Taiwanese and Hong Kong Cinemas
Jordy Jones, UC Irvine, Visual Studies
Sister, Brother, Other, Lover: Identitfication, Desire, and Mourning in the Work of Lyle Ashton Harris
Margaux Cowden, UC Irvine, Comparative Literature
Mobilizing the Moribund: Queer Ethics of Death in Close to the Knives
2B Men and Masculinities
Royce Moderator:
Nguyen Tan Hoang, UC Berkeley, Film Studies
A View from the Bottom: Gay Asian American Masculinity and Sexual Representation
Marcus C. Tye, Dowling College, Psychology
Bye-bye Bi? Of Bailey, Biphobia, and Girly-Men
Nicole Eschen, UCLA, Theater
Femmes fatales: Lesbian Sexuality and film noir in Lady Dick and Lesbians Who Kill
2C Desiring Deviance
Royce Moderator: Karen Tongson, University of Southern California, English
Christine Bacareza Balance, NYU, Performance Studies
Searching for Cunanan: The Fictions of Desiring Deviance and Queer/Filipino America
Joshua Chambers-Letson, NYU, Performance Studies
An Ontology of Promiscuity? 2046 and Althusser’s Encounter
Robert G. Diaz, CUNY Graduate Center, English
Queer Undoing in Markova: Comfort Gay
2D Local Histories
Royce Moderator:
Peter Hobbs, University of Rochester, Visual and Cultural Studies
The Gay Geography Lesson: Policing Bathroom Sex
Clare Sears, UC Santa Cruz, Sociology
Drag Arrests and Protests in Mid-Twentieth Century San Francisco
Stuart Timmons, Los Angeles
“Vicious” Los Angeles: Queer Doings in the Turn-of-the-Century West, 1870-1914
2E New Media Activism
Royce Moderator:
Jessica Giusti, University of Minnesota, Feminist Studies
MyQueerSpace: Queer Cyborg Representation and the Medium of MySpace
Julia Steinmetz, NYU, Preformance Studies
Transfeminist Trespass: Activism, Aesthetics and Pilot TV
Fatima El-Tayeb, UC San Diego, Literature
Queering Ethnicity: European Minority Activism and New Media Cultures
11:15-12:15 KEYNOTE 314 Royce
Alberto Sandoval-Sánchez
Title to be announced
12:15-1:30 LUNCH 306 Royce
1:30-3:00 PANEL SESSION 3
3A Publics and Counter-Publics in the Past
Royce Moderator:
Justin Bengry, UC Santa Barbara, History
“A trifle ‘pansy’ to my low mind”: Queer Imagery and Audiences in Britain, Men Only 1935-1939
Kinohi Nishikawa, Duke University, Literature
Sexology, Perversion, and Critique: Sex Paperbacks in Postwar American Culture
3B Lesbiana
Royce Moderator:
Margaret Sönser Breen, University of Connecticut, English and Women’s Studies
Remaking Gendered Systems of Story in Bastard Out of Carolina and The Way the Crow Flies
Ashley T. Shelden, Tufts University, English
Lesboplegia: Observations on Lesbian Love
Linda Garber, Santa Clara University, English and Women and Gender
The Curious Persistence of Lesbian Studies
3C Intimate Relations: Local and Global
Royce Moderator:
Elizabeth B. Erbaugh, Sociology, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
Queering Anti-Violence Politic: LGBTQ Community Organizing Against Intimate Partner Violence
Paul Amar, UC Santa Barbara, Law and Society
New Vice Police in Rio and Cairo: Policing the “Perversions of Globalization”
James Thing, University of Southern California, Sociology
Queer Social Networks: Constructing Sexual Subjectivities Among “Gay” Mexican Men
3D Drag
Royce Moderator:
Eser Selen, NYU, Performance Studies
Queer Performances or the Peculiarities of Turkey: Bülent Ersoy, Zeki Müren, and Huysuz Virin (Seyfi Dursunoglu)
La Marr J. Bruce, Yale University, American and African-American Studies
Black Drag Queens, White Heteronormativity, and “Happily Ever After” in American Cinema
Malik Gaines, California Institute of the Arts, Critical Studies
It Ain’t Necessarily So: Vaginal Davis, Kalup Linzy, and Queer Performances of Blackness
3E Law, Performance, and Cultural Politics
Royce Moderator:
Patrick Paul Garlinger, NYU, Law
Losing One’s Gender: Performance, Authenticity, and Transgenderism in U.S. Case Law
Sean Metzger, Duke University, English and Theatre Studies
Bodies of as Evidence: Televised Testimony, Hate Crime, and Queer Performance
Eden Osucha, Brown University, Pembroke Center
Privacy and Its Discontents: Bad Sex, Good Gender, and Queer Utopianism after Lawrence v. Texas
3:15-4:15 KEYNOTE 314 Royce
Rose Troche
in Conversation with Patricia White
4:15-5:30 RECEPTION 306 Royce
GENERAL INFORMATION This year’s LA Queer Studies Conference is the successor to the QGrad conferences held annually at UCLA beginning in 1999 and conferences organized the past two years in conjunction with USC. Although we have abandoned the conference for graduate students only, we have encouraged substantial graduate student participation, since one of the goals of the current format is to foster the exchange of ideas between graduate student and faculty scholars.
The conference is free and open to the public. Those who are presenting papers on one of the panels at the conference must pay a $25 registration fee (payable to UC Regents). This fee includes the cost of lunch on Saturday.
The conference has been organized by the UCLA Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies Program.

The conference organizers are grateful for the cosponsorship and support ot the following UCLA units: the Graduate Division, the Division of Humanities, the Division of Social Sciences, the Center for Performance Studies, the Center for the Study of Women, the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy, and the departments of Anthropology, Art History, Chicana and Chicano Studies, English, Film, TV, and Digital Media, French and Francophone Studies, Musicology, and Theater. The conference organizers are grateful for this support.

For further information, please contact the UCLA LGBTS office at 310 206 0516 or lgbs@humnet.ucla.edu
DIRECTIONS Royce Hall is located on the UCLA campus.
For directions to and maps of UCLA click here.
Parking is available in UCLA Parking Structure 4 at a cost of $8 per day. From Sunset Boulevard, enter campus by turning south onto Westwood Plaza, then proceed straight ahead to Structure 4. There is an information booth as you enter where you can purchase a parking ticket. Please let them know you are attending the LA Queer Studies Conference in Royce Hall. Since Structure 4 can get quite busy, we recommend that you leave extra time for parking.