QGrad 2007

Published: April 26, 2016


Friday and Saturday, October 19-20, 2007
Royce Hall, UCLA
Program Overview
Friday 1:00
Panel Session One
Keynote: Jill Dolan
Plenary Panel: New Directions in Queer Scholarship
Saturday 9:15
Panel Session Two
Keynote: Nayan Shah
Panel Session Three
Panel Session Four
Performance: Queer Theory: An Academic Travesty
General Information
1:00-2:30 Panel Session One
Global Beats
Moderator: Alicia Gaspar de Alba, UCLA, Chicana/o Studies and English
314 Royce Hall

Ronak K. Kapadia, NYU, American Studies
Catching “Bird Flu”—From Outbreak to Dance Breaks, Or What’s Queer About M.I.A.?

Elakshi Kumar, University of Minnesota, Gender, Women, and Sexualities
Singing Awry: Reading the Falguni Pathak Performance

Tanya Saunders, Lehigh University, Africana Studies and Sociology
“No Soy Kruda”: Cuban Black Feminism, Cuban Hip Hop, and the Queer of Color Critique

Constructing Masculinities
Moderator: Christopher Looby, UCLA, English
243 Royce Hall

Rebecca Sheehan, University of Southern California, History
Scary Monsters, Cosmic Dancers: Glam Rock Masculinities in Britain and the United States

Noah Tsika, University of Michigan, Screen Arts and Cultures
Army Architectures: Reading Jarhead Through the Gay Gym

Jane Ward, UC Riverside, Women’s Studies
The Making of Dude-Sex

Recent Scholarship on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy
Organized by the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy at UCLA School of Law
Moderator: Mignon Moore, UCLA, Sociology
236 Royce Hall

Amanda Baumle, University of Houston, Sociology
Legislating the Family: The Effect of State Family Laws on the Presence of Children in Same-Sex Households

Timothy Biblarz, USC, Sociology
Sexual Orientation and Social Mobility

Natalya Maisel, UCLA, Psychology
Minority Stress and Relationship Outcomes: A Study of Same-Sex Couples

Reading Queerly
Moderator: Arthur Little, UCLA, English
306 Royce Hall

Samantha Pinto, Georgetown University, English
Between Strategy and Sign: Reading Angelina Weld Grimké as Black Queer Souvenir

Sam See, UCLA, English
Diagnosing Melanctha’s Blues

Omise’eke Natasha Tinsley, University of Minnesota, English and African-American Studies
“Where the Caribbean Meets the Atlantic in a Wet Blue Embrace”: Caribbean Challenges to Black Queer Space


314 Royce

Keynote Address

Jill Dolan, University of Texas, Austin, Theatre and Dance 
From Flannel to Fleece: Revisiting Lesbian Feminist Experience as Queer Theory in Performance


314 Royce

Plenary Panel

New Directions in Queer Scholarship
Convener: Judith Halberstam, USC, English and Gender Studies

Kale Fajardo, University of Minnesota, Asian American Studies
Transportation: Translating Filipino/Filipino American Tomboy Masculinities through Global Migration and Seafaring

Chandan Reddy, University of Washington, English
Immigration in the Time of Queer Diasporas: Notes on Our “New” Times

Dean Spade, UCLA, Williams Institute Law Teaching Fellow
Registering Sex Classification: Biopolitics and the Administration of Identity

Respondent: Kara Keeling, USC, Critical Studies and American Studies and Ethnicity

306 Royce


Panel Session Two
Queering Technology
Moderator: James Tobias, UC Riverside, English
314 Royce Hall

Zach Blas, UCLA, Design and Media Arts
TransCoder: The Soft Queer Body

Monica Bradley, San Diego State University, Women’s Studies
Cyborgs, Androgynes and TechnoQueers: Figurative Futures of Drag Performances

Edmond Y. Chang, University of Washington, English
Making Us All Queer: Queering Transhumanism in Doctorow’s “0wnz0red,” Ryman’s “Birth Days,” and Gerrold’s “In the Quake Zone”

Asian America in the Archives
Moderator: Victor Bascara, UCLA, Asian American Studies
150 Royce Hall

Mel Chen, UC Berkeley, Gender and Women’s Studies
Everywhere Archives and the Asian FTM Transgendered Body

L. Chase Smith, UC San Diego, Literature
The Sounds of Color, The Sight of Speech: Cinematic Technologies of Racialized Sexuality in Alan Crosland’s Old San Francisco (1927)

Caroline H. Yang, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Asian American Studies
The Chinaman/woman in Ambrose Bierce’s “The Haunted Valley” and Sui Sin Far’s “Smuggling of Tie Co”

Performance Politics
148 Royce Hall

David Gorshein, UCLA, Theater, Critical Studies
Bursting The Bubble: Israel and the Queer Utopia

Virginia Solomon, USC, Art History
General Idea’s Miss General Idea Pageant: Humor and the Politics of Queer Cultural Practice

Robert Summers, Otis College, Visual Culture and Art History
“Be All That You Cannot Be”: Ms. Vaginal Davis and Living an Aesthetic Existence

Political Theory
Moderator: Maylei Blackwell, UCLA, Chicana/o Studies
154 Royce Hall

Brad Houston Lane, Indiana University, Gender Studies
Are Closet Walls Always White? Towards an Epistemology of the Down Low

Ernesto Javier Martínez, University of Oregon, Women’s and Gender Studies
Your Queer Theory Ain’t My Queer Theory: Understanding the Implications of Roderick Ferguson’s “Queer of Color Critique”

Shannon Winnubst, Southwestern University, Religion and Philosophy
From the Condom to the Family: A Politics of Lost Pasts

Sexuality circa 1900
Moderator: James A. Schultz, UCLA, Germanic Languages and LGBT Studies
152 Royce Hall

Ryan Cartwright, University of Minnesota, American Studies
“A Retarded Frontier”: Moral Values and Capitalist Development in Appalachia, 1873-1906

Howard H. Chiang, Princeton University, History of Science
Liberating Sex, Knowing Desire: Toward an Epistemic Genealogy of Sexual Liberation

11:00-12:00314 Royce Keynote AddressNayan Shah, UC San Diego, History
Migrants, Stranger Intimacies, and Queer Ways of Life
306 Royce
will be provided in 306 Royce only for those who are presenting papers at the conference.
1:15-2:45 Panel Session Three
Cinema and Citizenship
Moderator: Sue Scheibler, Loyola Marymount, Film and TV Studies
154 Royce Hall

Michael David Franklin, University of Minnesota, American Studies
Perverse Passage: Transsexual Pornographic Films and the Erection of Neoliberal Citizenship

Debra Moddelmog, Ohio State University, English
Romantic Comedy, Sexual Citizenship, and Gay Marriage

Maria San Filippo, UCLA, Film, TV and Digital Media
Of Cowboys and Cocksmen: 2005’s Buddy Films and the Tragicomedy of (Re)Marriage Equality

Love, Labor, and Capital
Moderator: Lily Khadjavi, Loyola Marymount, Mathematics
150 Royce Hall

Deborah E. R. Hanan, USC, Annenberg School of Communication
Christopher Street West: Resistance, Community, Containment, and Capital in Los Angeles

Ryan Murphy, University of Minnesota, American Studies
United Airlines is for Lovers? Invigorating Queer Politics with the Dilemmas of Labor in the Airline

Jaclyn Pryor, University of Texas, Austin, Theatre and Dance
Love, Labor, and the Proliferation of Small Worlds: Getting pink in Austin, Texas, and Portland, Oregon

Queering the Cold War
Moderator: Moderator: James A. Schultz, UCLA, Germanic Languages and LGBT Studies
152 Royce Hall

Patrizia Gentile, Carleton University, History and Women’s Studies
Perverts and Purges: The Security State and Homosexual Communities in Cold War Canada

Todd A. Henry, Colorado State University, History
Spotlighting Male Same-Sex Workers: The Politics of Media Visibility in US-Occupied Japan, 1945-52

Jason Morse, University of Washington, English
Liberal Love and Sexual Disidentification: Queer World-Making inAnother Country

Post-Visibility Blues: Queer Culture and Identity in Age of Spectacularization
Moderator: Sandra Harding, UCLA, Education and Women’s Studies
314 Royce Hall

Suzanna Walters, Indiana University, Gender Studies
Homo Homunculus: Culture and Politics in a Time of Transition

Larry Gross, USC, Annenberg School of Communication
Outing 2.0: Here We Go Again, With a Twist

Vincent Doyle, Macalester College, Humanities and Media/Cultural Studies
Mock Weddings and a Funeral: Revolting Queers in a Neoliberal World

Advocate, Punk, Activist: The Establishment and the Queer Fringe
Moderator: Chris Freeman, USC, General College and English
148 Royce Hall

James J. Berg, College of the Desert, Arts and Social Science
“Private Faces in Public Spaces”: Christopher Isherwood at/and the University of California

Stuart Timmons, Independent Scholar, Los Angeles
Punked: The Queer Terrain of Alternative Music and Culture in 1980s Los Angeles

Chris Freeman, USC, General College and English
“We Have to Say We’ve Been Here:” Paul Monette and the Making of an Activist

3:00-4:30 Panel Session Four
Queer Femininities
Moderator: Sue-Ellen Case, UCLA, Theater
148 Royce Hall

Jenny Björklund, Uppsala University, Center for Gender Research, UCLA, Scandinavian Section
A Glimpse of Freedom: Women, Patriarchy, and Same-Sex Love in Swedish Writer Eva Neander’s The City

Alexis Lothian, USC, English
“Queer Female Space” and Erotic Sociability: Textual Encounters in Online Fan Culture

Rachel Lewis, Cornell University, Musicology
Seeing Differently: Transnational Perspectives on Music and Lesbian Desire in Deepa Mehta’s Fire

Interwar Queer Collaborations: Aesthetics and Politics
Moderator: Steven Nelson, UCLA, Art History
314 Royce Hall

Tirza Latimer, California College of the Arts, Visual and Critical Studies
Queer Collaboration: Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore

Emma Heaney, UC Irvine, Comparative Literature
H.D. and Woolf: Freudian Discipleship and Heresy

Ron Gregg, Yale University, Film Studies
Queer Collaboration: Borderline and the POOL Cinema Group

Beyond the Binary
Moderator: Doug NeJaime, UCLA, Williams Institute
152 Royce Hall

Stephanie Selvick, Simmons College, English
Refusing the Binary: Same-Sex Desire and Gender Defiance in Tsitsi Dangarembga’s Nervous Conditions

Olivia Banner, UCLA, English
“Sing, O Muse, of the Recessive Mutation”: Middlesex and Cultural Interrogations of Gene Discourse

Laura Crawford, University of Alberta, English and Film Studies
Towards a Nomadic Geography of Transgender: Deleuze, Rurality, and Being Moved

Pedagogy and Intergenerational Exchange
Moderator: Sue Scheibler, Loyola Marymount, Film and TV Studies
150 Royce Hall

Thomas Hubbard, University of Texas, Austin, Classics
Intergenerationality, Age Boundaries, and Queer Temporality

James S. Nowick, UC Irvine, Chemistry
Queer Scientists, Queer Science: What I have Learned by Teaching a Queer Freshman Seminar Class

Steven Angelides, Monash University, Political and Social Inquiry
Deconstructiong Power: Teacher-Student Sex and the Question of Subjectivity

Crafting Performance and Space
Moderator: Karen Tongson, USC, English
154 Royce Hall

Katie Brewer Ball, NYU, Performance Studies
Craft’s Screen: Jillian Pena’s Dance Videos and Desires

Jeanne Vaccaro, NYU, Performance Studies
The Feeling of Dead Skin: Gender, Embodiment, and Fiber Arts

Jennifer Sims, Independent Artist and Costume Designer
Making the Queer Cloth

5:00-6:30200 Kaufman PerformanceQueer Theory! An Academic Travesty 
Written and directed by Thomas F. DeFrantz
Performed by SLIPPAGE
6:30-7:30 Reception
General Information

This year’s LA Queer Studies Conference is the successor to the QGrad conferences held annually at UCLA beginning in 1999. Although we have abandoned the conference for graduate students only, we have encouraged substantial graduate student participation, since one of the goals of the current format is to foster the exchange of ideas between graduate student and faculty scholars.
The conference is free and open to the public.


Royce Hall and Kaufman Hall are located on the UCLA campus.
For directions to and maps of UCLA click here.

Parking is available in UCLA Parking Structure 4 at a cost of $8 per day. From Sunset Boulevard, enter campus by turning south onto Westwood Plaza, then proceed straight ahead to Structure 4. There is an information booth as you enter where you can purchase a parking ticket. Please let them know you are attending the LA Queer Studies Conference in Royce Hall. Since Structure 4 can get quite busy, we recommend that you leave extra time for parking


The LA Queer Studies Conference 2007 is organized by the UCLA Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies Program with generous support from

the David Bohnett Foundation, the Gill Foundation, Peter B. and Jonathan D. Lewis

and the UCLA Arts Initiative (a joint project of the School of Arts and Architecture and the School of Theater, Film and Television), Division of Humanities, Division of Social Sciences, Graduate Division, Center for Performance Studies, Center for the Study of Women, Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy, and the departments of Anthropology, Art History, Asian American Studies, Comparative Literature, English, Film, TV, and Digital Media, French and Francophone Studies, History, Musicology, Sociology, Spanish and Portuguese, and World Arts and Cultures