Fifth Annual Series

Published: April 14, 2016

October 11, 2001
Christopher Looby
“A Talent for the Disagreeable”: Elizabeth Stoddard’s Perversity

October 12, 2001
Judith Stacey
Fellow Families: Studying Gay Male Intimacy and Kinship in L.A.

October 27, 2001
QGrad 2001:
Third Annual Graduate Student Conference on Sexuality and Gender

November 16, 2001
Sex, Violence, and Custody: Cutting Edge Issues in Progressive Family Law Practice.
A Conference sponsored by The Charles R. Williams Project on Sexual Orientation and the Law

November 29, 2001
Molly McGarry
Ghosts of Futures Past: Spectral Sexualities in 19th-Century America

January 10, 2002
Lisa Duggan
The New Homonormativity: The Sexual Politics of Neoliberalism

February 4, 2002
Jennifer Brody
Bodies, Boundaries and Frames — “Queer” Readings in New Times

February 8, 2002
Sexual Orientation Law 2002: The Williams Project’s First Annual Update on Sexual Orientation Law

February 22-23, 2002
The State of Sex in German Studies

February 28, 2002
José Muñoz
Queer Potentialities: Warhol, O’Hara and Futurity

March 7, 2002
Alicia Arrizón 
Queering Mestizaje

April 9, 2002
Riki Wilchins and Patricia Ireland
It’s All About Gender

April 11, 2002
Karen Ocamb
Gay Big Bucks and Fat Cat Dykes: How LA’s Checkbook Activism
Changed the LGBT Movement
Queer Los Angeles Lecture Series

April 18, 2002
Torie Osborn
Vision-Money-Sprawl: LA’s Unique Model for GLBT Organizing
Queer Los Angeles Lecture Series

April 19, 2002
Exclusion and Asylum: Sexuality, Immigration, and the Law (featuring a panel discussion by legal experts and a performance by Tim Miller)

April 25, 2002
Phill Wilson
Until There’s A Cure…
Queer Los Angeles Lecture Series

May 2, 2002
Richard Meyer
Outlaws: Queer Art and Visual Culture in Los Angeles
Queer Los Angeles Lecture Series

May 9, 2002
Dennis Altman 
Queer LA in Global Imaginary
Queer Los Angeles Lecture Series

May 13, 2002
Niko Besnier
Performing (Trans)gender: Beauty Pageants in Tonga, Western Polynesia

May 16, 2002
Terry Wolverton
Queer Writing from the Streets of LA
Queer Los Angeles Lecture Series

May 23, 2002
Chay Yew
The Theater of Chay Yew: A Conversation with Playwright and Director Chay Yew, moderated by David Roman
Queer Los Angeles Lecture Series

May 30, 2002
Moira Kenney 
How Gay Is LA?
Queer Los Angeles Lecture Series