First Annual Series

Published: April 14, 2016

October 9, 1997
Carmelita Tropicana
Cornucopia Tails: Performance, Lecture, Demo by Carmelita Tropicana, Latina Lesbian

October 22, 1997
Gayle Rubin
Social Science Genealogies of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Studies

November 11, 1997
Karma Lochrie
Sodomy and Other Female Perversions

November 13, 1997
Phillip Brian Harper
Out in the Open: Reading Race, Class and Sexuality in a Public Interpersonal Encounter

November 21, 1997
David Roman
Rent’s Due: AIDS Politics and the Broadway Musical

January 20, 1998
David Halperin
Forgetting Foucault: Acts, Identities, and the History of Sexuality

February 17, 1998
Esther Newton
My Butch Career: A Memoir

February 26, 1998
Anne Fausto-Sterling
How to Make a Man: Biologists Construct Sexuality

March 3, 1998
Hans Vaget
Confession and Camouflage: The Diaries of Thomas Mann

March 4, 1998
Rich Savin-Williams
“…And Then I Became Gay”: Developmental Trajectories of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Youths

March 12, 1998
Terry Castle
The Double Caress: Gautier’s Mademoiselle de Maupin and the History of Lesbian Representation

April 17, 1998
Pat Griffin
Strong Women, Deep Closets: Lesbians and Homophobia in Sports

April 30, 1998
Steven Epstein
Credibility Struggles in Medical Research: Lay Interventions in Science and the Scientization of Social Movements

May 19, 1998
Emma Perez
(De)Colonial Desire: La Malinche, Silent Tongue, and Selena

May 27, 1998
Marie Cartier
Ballistic Femme

June 1, 1998
Cheryl Dunye
The Watermelon Woman: From Fact to Fiction to Fact