Fourth Annual Series

Published: April 14, 2016

October 26, 2000
Paul Attinello
I Just Bette: Narcissism, Gay Identification, and the Divine Miss M

November 18, 2000
QGrad 2000: Second Annual Graduate Student Conference on Sexuality and Gender

February 7, 2001
Jennifer Rycenga
Queer Notion: The Idea of Freedom and Homosexual Self-Definition in the Nineteenth Century

February 10, 2001
Otro Corazón: Queering the Art of Aztlán: A Symposium on
Queer Chicana/Chicano Artist/Writers/Performers

March 14, 2001
Valerie Traub
The Renaissance of Lesbianism in early Modern England

April 26, 2001
Alice Echols
Upside Down: The Sexual and Radical Politics of Disco