Second Annual Series

Published: April 14, 2016

October 14, 1998
Luis Alfaro
Reading from DOWN TOWN

October 27, 1998
Elizabeth Grosz
The Strange Detours of Sublimation: Freud, Homosexuality, and Art

November 3, 1998
William Rubenstein
Why Do Straight Couples Invite Gay Friends to Their Weddings? And Why Do We Go? Research into the Politics of Resistance

November 11, 1998
Judith Halberstam and Jacob Hale
Illegible Bodies: Unpacking Brandon Teena and Other Transgender Subjects

November 23, 1998
David Halperin
How to Do a History of Homosexuality: A Discursive Approach

December 1, 1998
Diana Miller and Maggie Magee
Lesbian Lives: Psychoanalytic Narratives Old and New

January 25,1999
John D’Emilio
Black, Red and Lavender: Intersections of Politics and Identity in the Career of Bayard Rustin

February 2, 1999
Lynn Hunt and Margaret Jacob
Romanticism and Science: Same-Sex Bonding and the Affective Lives of English Romantics

February 4, 1999
Dorothy Allison
An Evening with Dorothy Allison

February 16, 1999
Mitchell Morris
Disco Performance in the Masculine Camp: The Case of the Village People

February 22, 1999
Cindy Patton
From Martial Law to “Quality of Life” Laws: Policing Gender in Taiwan’s New Democracy

February 25, 1999
Evelyn Blackwood
Female Desires Across Cultures: Challenging Western Models of Sexuality

April 6, 1999
Cheryl Chase
When is a Clitorectomy not a Clitorectomy? OR Bodies that Don’t Matter

April 22, 1999
Shane Phelan
Strangers Among “Us”: Transgender and Bisexuality in “LGBT” Communities

April 29, 1999
David Rousseve
Queer Wagner

May 25, 1999
Ronni Sanlo
Who Knew? How Silence Shaped Our Lives

June 6, 1999
Douglas Crimp
Melancholia, Moralism, and the Continuing Epidemic