Call for Papers: Fall 2018 QGrad Conference! Deadline August 10th

Published: August 2, 2018

Alter-net Bodies- Fat/Crip/Queered Identities, Expressions, and Cyber Activism:

The Fall 2018 QGrad Conference at UCLA explores the intersections of fatness, gender, race, queerness, ability status, and technology. Alter-net bodies transcend physical and virtual space but are still impacted by rhetoric that labels them as deviant, ugly, and unruly. In what ways do Alter-net bodies exist more or less freely in digital space than in physical space? How do fat/crip/queers of color utilize and expand cyberspace as sites of resistance? How do Alter-net people perform, express, articulate, generate, and create resistant identities and aesthetics?

We invite proposals addressing the topic themes and any of the topics below:

  • Intersections of Fat, Disabled, Queer, Trans, and Intersex Experiences
  • Queer virtual spatialities and activism
  • Intersections of the Body Positive Movement, Trans Liberation Movement, Disability Movement,
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Love, Sex, and Intimacy in Cyberspace
  • Hashtag (#) Activism for Liberation
  • Alter-net Healing Spaces and Safe Spaces
  • LGBTQ Digital Art and DIY Projects Tutorials
  • Butch and Femme Aesthetics, Gender Presentations, Performance, Embodiments
  • Inter-generational discourses on LGBTQ Terminology & Context

Please Submit 250 Word Abstract to

Deadline Extended: August 10th, 2018