Call for Papers: Winter 2020 QGrad Conference! Deadline extended

Published: October 17, 2019

Queering Love: Across Subjectivities, Temporalities, and Decolonial Imaginaries

The Winter 2020 QGrad Conference‘s theme “Queering Love: Across Subjectivities, Temporalities, and Decolonial Imaginaries” explores how different variations of queer love transcend and are practiced. In an age of hate, this year’s theme highlights how LGBTQ+ individuals have and continue to use love to resist oppression against homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, xenophobia, and capitalism. Shifting times and worlds have transformed what queer love looks and feels like. As a result, we seek to examine how distinct intersectional LGBTQ+ bodies and identities define and express queer love in their (and others) lives, societies, relationships, histories, literature, art, and spiritualities.

What does it mean to queer love? How do marginalized individuals use queer love to defy and resist? How can queering love help us imagine and create different worlds? Where is queer love found in LGBTQ+ histories and narratives? How does love help us deconstruct and dismantle colonial frameworks?

Please submit proposals that examine this theme from the perspective of any academic discipline, including but not limited to the following topics:

  • Intersections between race, class, gender, sexuality, and love
  • Love hermeneutics and other queer women of color Feminisms
  • The politics (and Biopolitics) of queer love
  • Pedagogies and epistemologies of care
  • Chosen and nontraditional families and rainbow kids
  • LGBTQ+ Sexual desires and longings
  • Philosophy of Queer Love
  • LGBTQ+ relationships in media
  • Self-love, identity, acceptance, and other forms of Radical Love
  • Spaces and times where love is absent, but necessary
  • Music and art that queers love
  • Love, intimacy, and solidarity in activism and social movements
  • Queer loving and sex in biology and sociology

This year, we are also delighted to announce the first annual Bohnnet Foundation Paper Award. To be considered for the award, a complete unpublished manuscript must be submitted and read at QGrad 2020. The winning scholar will be given a monetary prize and their paper will be published in Queer Cats: UCLA’s LGBTQ Studies Journal. Deadline for submissions has been extended. Please see more details: QGradCFP_ExtendedDeadline.