• Photo of  Dr. Sa’ed Atshan - Keynote Speaker

    Dr. Sa’ed Atshan - Keynote Speaker

    Dr. Sa’ed Atshan joined Emory Anthropology faculty in Fall 2021 after holding positions at Swarthmore College, University of California, Berkeley, and Brown University. He earned a Joint PhD in Anthropology and Middle Eastern Studies from Harvard University, along with other degrees from Harvard and Swarthmore College.

    Dr. Atshan is the author of “Queer Palestine and the Empire of Critique” and coauthor of “The Moral Triangle: Germans, Israelis, Palestinians.” He has forthcoming books on humanitarianism in the Palestinian Territories and Palestinian and Israeli cinema.

    His current research projects focus on African-American and Palestinian Quakers and LGBTQ activism in the Middle East and North Africa region, collaborating with other scholars.

    Dr. Atshan has received grants and fellowships from various organizations, including the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and the National Science Foundation. He serves on multiple boards and editorial committees, including Haverford College and the Association for Middle East Anthropology.